Yoga: The path to harmony of body and spirit

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About Our Shop

Welcome to Om Optimum, your personal portal to the world of yoga, where the pursuit of perfection meets ancient traditions. The name of our store symbolizes not only the sacred sound of Om, but also our commitment to the optimal development of each individual through the practice of yoga.

Om Optimum is not just a yoga course store, it is a commune of like-minded individuals, seekers and practitioners striving for harmony of body, mind and spirit. We innovate traditional yoga practices by offering courses that combine ancient wisdom with modern teaching techniques.

Our courses are designed to offer everyone the opportunity to explore yoga according to their own needs and comfort level. From the basics of yoga for beginners to advanced techniques for experienced practitioners, we have something for everyone.

Our Courses:

Yoga for the Senses

Developing the senses through unique yoga practices for awareness and enhanced perception.

Dance Yoga

Combining elements of dance and yoga to express yourself and create joy through movement.

Air Yoga

Practicing yoga in aerial hammocks to develop flexibility, strength and a new perception of space.

Get inspired and stretched with our yoga courses

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